Till someone makes the medicine for coronavirus, the best medicine we can use to fight it is laughter 🤣 We have prepared a list of some great comedy and joke clips themed around Coronavirus, join along and laugh your heart out 😆

1. Zakir Khan - Coronavirus ka Sach

Needless to say ‘Sakht Launda’ does a great job in this one too! Zakir Khan manages to hit nerves with some beautiful comedy, hilarious plots and snippets on ‘Coronavirus ka Sach’.💖

2. Vir Das - Brightside of Coronavirus

Vir Das comes back to the stage with some of his highly intelligent and witty comedy. He explains the ‘Bright Side’ of Coronavirus in the most hilarious (and slightly dark) way ever!😝

3. Karunesh Talwar - Random Jokes

Hahahah! Here is your favourite Karunesh Talwar with some of his unreleased random jokes💪!Known for his cynical comedy, he touches some really interesting topics here.

4. Shridhar Venkataramana - Coronavirus, CAA, NRC

What kind of comedy will you expect from an IIM graduate? Multiply that by a 100 and comes Shridhar Venkataramana. His intelligent jabs at political issues and take on the virus is outrageously funny.😂

5. Parenting TIps - Amit Tandon

‘Don't Treat your daughter as a Princess. First Treat your wife like a queen’🙏. The married guy of the stand-up comedy circuit is at it with his powerful punchlines and witty comedy. A clip from his Netflix special, Family Tandoncies, a must-watch.

Your friends & family can find this list useful 💕 Share, spread the love, and #EnjoyKaroNa 😆

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